Monday, August 14, 2006

Most. Boring. Story. Ever.

"Hey, guys! We forgot to sell the ad space on page 3!"
These lights, which are embedded in the roadway and activated by a push button, flash to notify drivers that pedestrians are coming and that they need to stop. On Tuesday morning, the Berkeley Office of Transportation was notified that the light at Parker and Telegraph streets wasn’t working.

“I got an e-mail from Councilmember [Kriss] Worthington himself, indicating that it was not working and I directed it to the electrical crew,” said Tamalyn Bright, Office of Transportation. “We found out that our electrical crew had decided to refer it to Silicon Constellations, an outside contractor.”

When Worthington was informed of the update, he replied, “We are very grateful to Tamalyn for her rapid response.”

George Conklin, nearby Berkeley resident, first noticed the malfunction of the lights on Sunday night and reported it to Worthington.

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Rebecca C. Brown said...

And meanwhile dozens upon dozens of incidences of graffitti on AC Transit busses go unreported in your local newspaper. It's time for the media to get their priorities straight!