Thursday, August 31, 2006

Orthodox Without a Cause

For how worked-up Darren is over this article on a gender-neutral school in Oakland, I'd have expected to be able to discern an actual, specific objection to the school's policies. No such luck.

Well, there's that bit about how the kids might grow up to be Democrats, I guess.

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Lisa said...

The girl who wouldn't put pink barrettes in her hair, put animals in her dollhouse, and preferred to wear cargo pants and read Tolkein sounds exactly like me at 15. Uh, and also now. A girl at my school last year also took a lot of crap about wearing cargo pants instead of dressing like a little J-Lo. I don't think such a preference should be cause for any concern whatsoever. Although creating fancy labels and bathrooms and schools for kids may be a bit overblown, I totally support an attitude of tolerance toward thinking outside one's genderbox.