Friday, August 04, 2006

Public Financing for California

Most of the stuff we talk about here at Bajillion has to do with far-away political issues and races we have no say in. That's why I'm happy to find a local issue I can get very excited about: Public financing for California elections. Kevin Drum links to a LA Times article on it's progress:

CLEAN MONEY...There was some good news for California Democrats today:

Defying some of his strongest supporters in the race for governor, state Treasurer Phil Angelides on Thursday threw his support behind a November initiative that would use taxpayer money to fund campaigns and would markedly restrict political donations to candidates.

....Big corporate donors and major unions — such as the California Teachers Assn., one of Angelides' biggest backers — oppose the campaign finance overhaul.

....But [Angelides] characterized Proposition 89 as nothing less than protecting democracy and creating a system "where it's not how much money you can raise, but the power of your ideas."

"It has become a dialing-for-dollars democracy, with the unjust influence of the special interests silencing the voices of Californians," Angelides said at a rally at the nurses union headquarters in Oakland.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, unsurprisingly, opposes the measure. Too European, he says. Plus it raises taxes by 0.2%.

One of liberals' greatest weakness has been a the corruption and stagnation of state Democratic parties. For lack of innovation California really does stand out. Passing this prop would change the playing field in a way that would give regular citizens a greater voice and hopefully will lead to fresh-blood in the local Democratic party.

I don't where I have to go to volunteerer for this but wherever it is I'm going to find out.

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Thinker said...

Contact Loni Hancock's office. As our local Assembly member, she has been a prime mover in the effort to enact Clean Money laws in California.