Friday, August 11, 2006

Un Camejo Mejor

Peter Camejo gets excruciatingly close to figuring out that he ought to be trying to work within, not against, the Democratic Party. If the logic was any more in-his-face he could justifiably file assault charges. It's difficult to even discuss an argument that uses the fact that Democrats in Connecticut replaced a pro-war candidate with an anti-war candidate to make the case that we need an anti-war third party. File this under "It's Not Even Wrong".

The silver lining here is that Camejo has abandoned much of the pretense that his candidacy matters. Either that or he thinks that expressing that we're "free to vote for" him will inspire in us a great sense of civic duty. We're similarly "free to" root for the Celtics at a Bulls-Knicks game. At least he's playing the right sport.

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