Wednesday, November 08, 2006

California Election Results

Well, I may disagree with my fellow Californians on many issues, but at least propositions 85 and 90 failed. (And, on a national scale, three cheers to a Democratic-lead House and [fingers crossed] Senate!)

To sift through some very thorough (and very well-organized) California election return data, visit the Secretary of State's election web site. And take a look at the proposition results. And view the proposition returns from Alameda County. And (my favorite part), see maps of each county's results for each race (here're the Prop 87 returns).

These maps help support the prevailing theory that there are in fact two distinct Californias. Long live West California!

Update: To further drive the divisive wedge of geographically mapped voting records into the gaping canyon of American politics, take a look at these fabulous images. Long live the great republic of Urban Coastal America! (And viva GIS!)


Thinker said...

If you want to view all the results from Alameda County in one spot, you may do so via the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Web Site:

You may also look at the results of each race that appeared on your personal ballot with SmartVoter (a site run by the CA League of Women Voters). Type in the street address and zip code at which you are registered to vote, then click on.

Thinker said...

Rebecca, and those others who like maps, take a look at Robert Vanderbei's electoral beauties. (He is from Princeton.)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca C. Brown, my favorite old ASUCer! For the most part, I share your enthusiasm for the Democratic takeover of both houses, but I would really like to how you think things are going to change under Speaker Pelosi.