Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mormon Mayhem

Ann Althouse wants us to think that if Mitt Romney's Mormonism is a problem for him in the presidential primary, it's really because liberals brought it up. Uh-huh. Because the Evangelical wing of the Republican party is so well known for its religious open-mindedness. James Dobson, at least, is a little more forthright.

Meanwhile, this non sequitur from Glenn Reynolds is delivered without even the slightest hint of irony. No doubt Harry Reid is reconsidering his plan to run for president as a Republican.

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Aaron said...

I saw the Reynolds post and it pissed me off, too. Of course, the point with Romney's Mormonism is how it will affect his policy decisions; that's a perfectly acceptable question to ask anybody with strong ideological or religious beliefs even if, as in Reid's case, it's kind of absurd.