Friday, January 12, 2007

Forget about Wii. Maybe the problem is Yuu.

Beware, parents: the Nintendo Wii "can be porn gateway," even in the hands of six-year-old girls! Due to the game console's internet access, apparently otherwise innocent children can now browse gigabyte upon gigabyte of dirty, filthy, steamy fetish pornography (we're talking donkeys-in-pantyhose dirty) that would make Larry Flynt blush ... all between frames of video bowling.

Some parents are calling for Nintendo to install a "cyber-nanny" function that would allow guardians to filter the content that reaches the Wii. Maybe after they've achieved that goal these parents can start a letter writing campaign to Sony demanding that PS3s help their teens with their algebra homework and provide Junior an interactive, 3-D graphics version of "the talk."

If you're worried about your elementary-aged kids using their game consoles to access porn, maybe you should examine your parenting skills, not the filtering features on your Wii. Something tells me that your average well-adjusted first grade girl isn't trolling the Internet for clips of hot lunches and light BDSM.

I'm no parenting counselor, but I get the feeling that telling kids that there's a world of super-secret pictures out there that only grown-ups are allowed to look at is just a little too intriguing to pass up. It seems that those most obsessed with sex are those fighting the hardest to suppress it.