Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Focus on the Family: Great for fetuses; not so great for the people those fetuses will become

When he's not busy telling women what to do with their vaginas, Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson likes to condemn people who think fighting global warming should be a priority for Christians.
In a letter this week to the board of the NAE, which claims 30 million members, Dobson and his two dozen co-signers said the Rev. Richard Cizik, the NAE's vice president for government relations, has waged a "relentless campaign" that is "dividing and demoralizing" evangelicals.

Cizik has been a leader in efforts to broaden evangelicals' political agenda beyond abortion and same-sex marriage. He says Christians have a biblical imperative to protect the environment, which he calls "creation care."
Troubling to some evangelicals, including Dobson, is NAE's increased dedication to human rights and environmental responsibility because these issues are "associated it with leftists, limits on free enterprise and population control." After all, nothing says Jesus! like rampant capitalism, indiscriminant reproduction, and deregulation of industry carbon emissions.

From NAE's website, here's an example of the extremist lefty hippie pinko stuff Cizik and his ilk are trying to promote:
Attending to Human Concerns
We stand committed to biblically defined family values, the sanctity of human life, and human rights. ...

Maximizing resources
NAE seeks the maximization and stewardship of all the resources God has given to us.
Oooh! Divisive! I guess right-wing Christians want to stick to evidence-based, controversy-squelching issues, and shy away from unproven, faction-splitting topics like global warming.

I'm rarely inclined to intellectually cooperate with any type of religious organization. They tend to shelter misogynist, racist, and homophobic doctrine under a roof of spiritual infallibility, and religion itself doesn't seem conducive to progressive ways of thinking. (Something about adhering to a static text as the sole moral guidance for the rest of eternity doesn't induce subversive behavior.) But if Christians (or any religious group whose principles dictate kindness to other people) can recognize that promoting life and happiness should apply to future humans as much as it does for existing humans, there could be a successful alliance between the fundamentalists and the environmentalist radicals. What could be more fundie Christian than taking action now to save the lives of children yet unborn? Fighting global warming: It's like being pro-life in the future.

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Thinker said...

If you didn't see it, you might want to watch the Bill Moyers PBS special, "Is God Green?" (http://www.pbs.org/moyers/moyersonamerica/green/index.html). It focuses on Richard Cizik, the NAE fellow who has drawn so much fire from large segments of the Religious Right for his efforts to rally support for "Creation Care". The Moyers site for this documentary allows you to view the hour online, and/or to read a transcript.