Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And they spell "centre" wrong!

It turns out that our neighbors to the north don't have an LGBTQ community; Canada has a GLBT community instead! Those Canadians sure are wacky.

Yes, Ottawa tourism's "Things to Do" webpage features prominently a link to their GLBT travel tips. So does San Francisco's. So does DC's. Houston's does not.

Hat tip to the tourism board of that nation's capital for acknowledging a blotch on Canada's record:
And don’t miss the new Canadian War Museum: After the Second World War, the Canadian government paid a researcher to design a device that was supposed to help identify gays and lesbians. A version of the infamous (and notably unreliable) “fruit machine” that ruined many lives is on permanent display at the museum.
I can think of a few American presidential candidates who would love to get their hands on that fruit machine.

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