Monday, July 21, 2008


California's first true count of high school dropouts shows that one in four kids quit school last year - 127,292 - which is far more than state educators estimated before they began using a new student-tracking system.

The statewide 24-percent dropout rate also shows African American and Latino students leaving school at much higher rates than other ethnic groups, according to data released today by state schools chief Jack O'Connell.

The dropout rate is well above the 13 percent (67,107 students) that educators had earlier estimated using a less sophisticated counting method relied on for years.
More here. Note that the number for black students was 42%.

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Bret said...

Now, if one in four students dropped out, and one in ten is gay, and three in twenty approve of Bush's Presidency, how many of the State's 121,000 dropouts were Log Cabin Diehards?

Answer after the break.